VICE Squads
Virtual Ice Community Engagement Squads

We are excited to announce the soft-launch of Virtual Ice Community Engagement (VICE) Squads in Feburary 2024.

What are VICE Squads?

VICE Squads are topical or geographically organized groups that link scholars across sub-fields, institutions, and career stages.

Topics will evolve and some squads may be permanent while others only exist for a few years or months based on the evolving interests of the community. Some squads may have dozens of members and others may have a handful. We aim for these groups to become self-organizing and fluid–-both appearing and dissolving based on community interest and need. Individuals can choose to participate in as many (or few) communities as they want. The goal is for the individual squads to meet roughly monthly to initially discuss program prompts determined by the steering committee and project coordinator with input from each squad member, and evolve naturally as the conversation continues.

Upcoming Events

See below for upcoming scheduled events. Be sure to check back as new events get added. To register for an event send an email to or join our slack workspace. Meets for individual VICE squads will be scheduled and posted only on the Slack channel.

For more information on VICE Squads, including our expansion plans, check out the VICE Squads Project Page.
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